Going home is ambiguous, it will be fun but I have to leave everyone here!

Hi! My name is Ines and i have soon done all my weeks at White Horizon as a volunteer.

After graduation I worked in an animal shelter for quite a long time and discovered my unconditionally love for animals. I didn’t know exactly what profession I wanted to aim for so I decided to go abroad for some time and to pursue my passion. I searched online for volunteer work and found the husky farm in Swedish lapland on the website of Rainbowgardenvillage and I knew right away that I want to go there for some time.

I booked for 12 weeks and one month later I was already aboard the airplane on my way to Arvidsjaur, where Konstantin picked me up. When I arrived they showed me the surroundings and my new home for the next weeks. The next day another volunteer showed me the kennels of the dogs and how to feed them. We also let them out to play in the free run and to pick up some cuddles. You get to know the dogs better day by day and learn more about their character traits.

There is a close relationship to the neighbours and it is based on mutual help. We already went ice fishing with our neighbour and helped him to sort out the fishes. Afterwards we played Yatzi together and tried some of the selfmade Kaviar.

We always have huge projects on the way like our reindeer fence. We all helped together to build it and to welcome our two reindeers Thorsten and Murphy. Furthermore we built new dog houses or designed a new wardrobe. It makes a lot of fun when we start a project where everyone is involved.


My Highlight was the first overnight tour in the Tipi. 12 dogs in front of the Quad Bike pulled us and our whole baggage up to the mountain in deep powdered snow. When we arrived there we fed the dogs and provided them with snacks. Afterwards we made a fire, cooked for ourselves and played some games. It really was a pleasure.


On our free days we mostly go for a walk with one of our dogs or go hiking. A few days ago I went with another Volunteer to the Tipi by ourselves and it was a lot of fun but also an adventure. In addition we went on a “Volunteer Hike” with Johanna and she showed us more about the nature and prepared us for the snowshoes hikes.

All in all it was the best decision to go there. I already learned so much for a lifetime and I made a lot of new friendships and just had a great time. But be careful: you will definitely fall in love with the dogs ;)