Hello! Or Hej Hej as the Swedes say

My name is Theresa, I’m 19 years old and have been here at White Horizon for a bit over two weeks. Living in this type of environment is absolutely amazing. The dogs have so much energy and are always joyfully playing with each other, this happiness rubs off on you and no one is ever in a bad mood. 


The life out here never gets boring, even if you don ‘t have planned anything on your days off you still find something to do. For instance, on my first day off, another one of the volunteers, Vicky and I went on a little walk through the forest and took two of the dogs with us. Alma and Molly they are super easy to walk with and most of all they are super cuddly. So, we hiked up the hill and made a little break at a nice spot where we could enjoy the beautiful view overlooking the lake.


When we got back Konstantin told us that he was about to build a little sleeping area for one of the dogs who was pregnant. The puppies due date had been already, so he said it was time to make some space for them. We offered to help and so he showed us how to use a screwdriver. It was a lot of fun. I love that we always get to learn new skills which are very useful, and you never know when you might need them. We also went out fishing with the neighbour, Assar who thought us how to properly disembowel the fish, without it being in a lot of pain. So, we basically are survivalists now. :)


Before the puppies were born, we made bets about how many girls and boys they would be. And we had discussions about the names. When they came, they at first stayed in the garage, because of the temperatures at night and because it would have been too stressful for the new mom, Pippi with all the other loud, excited dogs. They didn’t stay there very long. Pippi was too lonely so we decided to bring her and her babies inside. Now they have been staying in the kitchen for about a week and it’s been the best decision ever. Every morning we are greeted by a sleepy but at the same time excited Pippi.


All in all, I can tell you with good consciousness staying here will be one of the best times of your lives. I know because I have decided to stay two weeks longer than planned. That’s it form me for now.

Bye, Hej då!