Kanelbullar, palt and other typical Swedish things

Hej hej, my name is Lisa.
I am already here for 5 weeks and learned a lot about what is typical Swedish. When you visit a neighbour you just knock and go in. You don’t wait for an answer and if no one is home, you close the door and go again.


We play Yatzi nearly every day and are also sometimes going to Assar & Inga-Lill to play it.
And what is also Swedish? Of course "fika" and "kanelbullar" (cinnamon buns), two days ago Johanna showed us how to make them and we were baking them all together. The same day one of the other volunteers, Theresa was making palt. That is also a Swedish dish, meat-filled potato dumplings or how we made them without meat.
You eat them with lingon berry jam or the Norwegian way with butter and syrup.


Today we made a fire for lunch and fried sausages and afterwards drank coffee, made on the fire and coffee cheese. That is a goat cheese what you put in your coffee. That is also a typical north Swedish thing. You do it so you don’t get more than one dish dirty and just need the one cup for both. We also learned a new word “lagom”. There is no actual english translation for it. It means “not too little, not too much”-just the right amount, it works for everything.


Last night we were feeding two little foxes with Assar, they already recognise the car and know that they get food. They were so cute!

I am excited to learn more about Sweden and I’m happy that I still have twelve more weeks left to do that.