Stay Sexy in Lapland!

How to keep warm in the north of Sweden and also at White Horizon


When you want to go in the north, you have to know how to dress. Keep warm is the key of everything. No one will care how you look, warm and safe is the most important thing. It is sexy as hell, as we say here! So put layer, of layer, of layer on top of each other because there is no jacket that will keep you warm by itself. So at -30 degrees have two base layers, maybe two layers on top of these and your thickest winter jacket. If that is still too cold for you, wear another smaller Jacket under your winter jacket. The first body parts that are getting cold are the feet and the hands. Never put on more than two socks, because the blood flow will be harder with too much pressure, and then your feet are getting cold. Wear big shoes, up to 5 numbers bigger than your normal shoe size. Don’t be scared of falling, you will get used to big shoes! Furthermore, wear more than one pair of gloves. Also wearing two hats is nothing bad, it will keep you warm and warm is sexy! If you get warm what can happen when you dress properly than don’t take of hat or gloves! Always open your jacket. Your head is letting out the most heat, and your hands will get cold in seconds. And getting them warm again goes with pain. I can tell! Not sexy!!

Another thing is to avoid water based creams. You can get frostbites from it because it will freeze on your skin, and it will ruin your skin forever, that is not so sexy. Furthermore, shower only in the evening and not every day! A regular shower in the morning will put your skin in danger for frostbites.


Pee when you have to! If you get cold your body will react by making you pee, if you don't do it by yourself your body will cut you out, and you will pee your pants. Also, not so sexy! Even when you are on a tour, don’t be afraid of asking to make a break. We always have toilet paper with us!

Hope you liked our fashion advices and remember: warm is sexy!