Välkommen on a husky Farm in Swedish Lapland

Hej hej my name is Vicky and I‘m writing this blog to give you an insight into the beautiful landscape of Swedish Lapland.

First of all, it needs to be said that the husky farm is located in a small village called Långviken in the near of Mellanström. Actually, there are only six inhabitants here including Konstantin and Johanna. Therefore, you have the perfect opportunity for exploring the Swedish nature with its beautiful wildlife. For instance, there is a huge lake in front of the house which is called Storavan. On our free days we were canoeing or just swimming in the lake even though it was very cold.


Not only the scenery, but also the wildlife is worth seeing. Apart from the dogs on the husky farm, we have seen a lot of reindeers so far and some other volunteers even saw a moose on the road. Besides, Assar, the neighbour, took us with him in order to feed a baby fox in the woods. So if you want to see some wild living animals, you should definitely come to the north of Sweden.


An experience, I will never forget in my life was planting trees with another volunteer Theresa and some other guys. Over two days, we were planting approximately two thousand trees per person which was absolutely exhausting. But in the end, it felt very good to support the forester and to do something well for the environment.


In general, I can say that there are so many activities you can do on your free days. One time for example, Johanna was hiking on a hill with the volunteers. On top of it, we could see the sunset behind the mountains. In the same evening, we even saw polar lights on the husky farm which is the reason why this day was my personal highlight.


In conclusion, I am obsessed with the nature in Sweden. So if you will ever get the chance to come to Lapland, take it. Otherwise, you could regret it some day.

Hej då, Vicky